ayahuasca silicon valley dmt entrepreneur 5 meo dmt

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ayahuasca silicon valley dmt entrepreneur 5 meo dmt


ACCELERATED PROGRAM FOR LEADERS: This journey is a leadership development experience accelerated by entheogens and it's for the business-minded seeker to find clarity and answers about life goals and to evolve ideas around business and career.

This is a 12-week business program that travels to Peru where you will have five-star accommodations + body healing + integration work experience. Apply for more information and consideration.

RETREAT PROGRAMS: These journeys are short programs for the time-starved seekers. We have accelerated weekends a 5MeoDMT-Ayahuasca healing experience in Spain, see our events for more details.

ayahuasca silicon valley dmt entrepreneur 5 meo dmt


The Integration coaching process is an experience designed to optimize your healing and creative process, to reveal and leverage the actions you can take to empower you in your path towards self-mastery. You will be provided with proven relevant strategies and will focus equally on your professional and personal life goals. Together we track your progress over the weeks and continuing to gain new insights and strategies. We complete the process with a plan of Self-optimization recommendations and exercises to accelerate you towards your vision.

Beyond the psychedelic integration, this coaching experience allows you to leverage the distinct algorithms in all living things and the laws of nature. We look at your life holistically, incorporating micro-dosing and next-level tools to enhance your life experience.

This program is designed to integrate medicine experiences within a transformational framework that will support you in holding high vibrational energy. When you revisit the medicines experience, you will be prepared to more fully receive downloads for your next step, for the next big thing in your path. The integration structure follows a 90-day strategy, and we meet weekly.

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Regardless of the work you have done, our preparation and integration process will enable you to get so much more from your experience.

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